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Spine Pain: Stem Cell Therapy vs Surgery | Redding California Stem Cell Center

Stem cell therapy has changed much of the way new medical procedures are applied to patients. It has led to remarkable healing and transformation for many people. Stem cells have also been used to repair body parts such as the back and spine. We’ll go over some of the processes and treatment of stem cell therapy. 

At the Northern California Stem Cell Treatment Center, we specialize in orthopedic stem cell therapy serving Redding, Sacramento, and other areas in California. We’re a highly reputable medical center in California and are dedicated to using cutting edge technology to deliver stem cells towards our patients. We’ve used stem cell therapy to treat many patients over the years to great amounts of success. 

In addition to explaining how stem cell therapy works, we’ll also go over the benefits of the procedure over conventional surgery and how it can help you feel better much faster. 


How Does Stem Cell Therapy Work? 

Stem cell therapy is used for a variety of different injuries and conditions. It typically involves injecting your own processed bone marrow into a specific part of your body. The marrow contains a concentration of stem cells that reduces inflammation, promotes healing, and creates new healthy tissues in your body. 

The stem cells used are “simple” cells that produce more complex and specialized cells in the body when it divides. It can create and replace damaged tissue with new healthier tissue that won’t result in further injury. So now you can see that stem cells possess many untapped healing properties and potential and can be used to treat back or spine pain. 


Can Stem Cells Cure My Back & Spine Pain?

Your vertebral discs act as shock absorbers for your back and spine. They can go through significant wear and tear throughout your life. For some, it can lead to degeneration and debilitating pain that limits their everyday functionality. Most people turn to surgery when this condition gets words, but the process is drought with difficulty and complications that may just make you worse. 

By injecting stem cells into the damaged discs between the vertebrae and spine, it reduces inflammation in the area and rebuilds valuable healthy tissue. Existing treatments such as painkiller and anti-inflammatory medicine offer only short term solutions and pain relief that isn’t sustainable over time. With stem cell therapy, you won’t have to go through this hassle for your spine pain anymore. 


What are the Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy?

One of the benefits of stem cell therapy is that it is minimally invasive and offers long-lasting results afterwards. The success rate of stem cell therapy is very high in comparison to traditional surgery, which comes with its own risks. In addition to treating back and spine pain, stem cells have also been found to be effective for ligament damage, bone fractures, and osteoarthritis.  

Overall, stem cell therapy for spine and back pain promotes the natural healing of the body tissue. You avoid any additional risk associated with other existing treatments. You’ll also be able to prevent further damages and complications to your spine by reducing inflammation and strengthening your body tissue. 


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