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Suffering From Orthopedic Symptoms? | How Orthopedic Stem Cell Therapy in Sacramento California Helps You Get Back On Your Feet

All around the United States, patients are increasingly using the progressive technology of stem cell treatment. Our bodies have self-repairing capabilities that allow us to move freely shortly after we suffer an injury. While new developments are constantly improving in the stem cell research field, its use in the orthopedic area has been promising. 

Redding Medical Center offers professional orthopedic stem cell therapy in Sacramento, California that will help alleviate you of minor and major orthopedic conditions. We have also helped many clients regain their movement abilities in Anderson, Shasta Lake, Red Bluff, and surrounding areas. 

Our stem cell research center has helped our clients with orthopedic disorders increase their recovery time, diminish pain symptoms, decrease the need for additional medication and help reduce their chances of needing complex surgeries. 

Redding Medical Center provides insight on how stem cell treatments can further reduce associated pain related to Minor and Major Orthopedic conditions.


What are the Most Common Orthopedic Disorders?

Before considering surgery, consult with your physician on the nature of your disorder. Our professional services will alleviate you in both minor and major orthopedic conditions.

If you are suffering from any of the listed conditions below, you may be a qualify for stem cell injections:


Arthritis – Inflammation of the joints due to chronic wear and tear, and sports injuries.
Fibromyalgia – Severe musculoskeletal pain that can sometimes affect mood and memory loss.
Fractures – Broken bones caused by accidents, slips and falls, and sports injuries.
Knee Pain – Can cause small to severe discomfort in the knee due to ligament tears and tendons.
Osteoporosis – Caused by a lack of calcium, resulting in brittle bones and weak body infrastructure.
Paget’s Disease of the Bone – Genetic and environmental contributors that weaken bone structure and density
Scoliosis – Sideways curvature of the spine that causes improper alignment and painful movement.


Stem Cell Treatment Benefits for Orthopedic Conditions

Stem cell treatments provide a wide variety of advantages that will help you recover your mobility that you may have lost otherwise. These are the benefits that have been proven to alleviate pain in patients and improve their overall quality of life:

  1. Stimulating natural body response that boosts cell quality and health,
  2. Avoiding post-treatment recovery time and complications that can result from surgery,
  3. Speedy improvement in mobility,
  4. Reduced pain within a small amount of time,
  5. Treating conditions that are otherwise expensive to perform surgery, such as arthritis and dislocated discs.


How do Stem Cells Heal?

Stem cells have the ability to divide and morph into any other cell found in the body. Due to this function, stemcell treatment has become a viable treatment as an alternative to painful orthopedic surgeries and expensive medication. 

We use your own body’s progenitor and multipotent stem cells to treat your chronic conditions. These cells have the ability to transform into cartilage, bone, and fatty cells to rapidly alleviate of negative orthopedic and musculoskeletal pain you may feel.

Our medical clinic customizes each treatment to fit every individual patient. We will work with your medical record and the severity of your condition to help you alleviate your orthopedic pain as efficiently as possible. Our medical research team is professionally qualified to help you:

  1. Slow down further cartilage breakdown,
  2. Reduce chronic pain and inflammation in targeted areas,
  3. Increase cell improvement,
  4. Reduces the development of Apoptosis, the process where cells cease to function
  5. Antioxidation for healthy blood circulation.


What to Expect at a Consultation

We implement state-of-the-art regenerative medicine with the highest safety standards to treat a wide variety of conditions. Your consultation begins with a consultation assessing your condition, evaluating your medical record, and having a discussion about our policies and procedures.

From there, we take a sample of tissue from a dense area on your back; you will feel minimal pain as we numb the area for the incision. We extract the appropriate number of cells and prepare them in a vial for further reinjection in the targeted area; this sample is processed and harvested into stem cells.

We conclude the consultation with further medical recommendations and an estimate on when your stem cell treatment can be performed.  

It is highly advised to speak with your medical physician prior to regenerative procedures.


Orthopedic Pain Stopping you From Daily Activities? – Redding Medical Center is Here to Help

Our medical clinic has helped happy patients return to their daily ventures and enjoy life with increased mobility. Our stem cell treatments have aided patients suffering from ACL tears, arthritis, ligament tears, and sports injuries to resume normal activities.

We have dedicated over 90 years of accumulative medical research and practice to help patients suffering from chronic conditions. To contact us for a consultation, email us at info@reddingstemcell.com or click here for further information. 

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