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Shoulder Pain Keeping You From Scoring the Game-Winning Touchdown? Let’s Change That! | Professional Shoulder Pain Treatment Center in Anderson California

You shoot, you score – without shoulder pain getting in the way.

You’re an athlete, and as an athlete, you want to perform your best and achieve your long-term fitness goals. Our stem cell treatment center in Sacramento, California can help you pursue your active lifestyle without the fear of pain holding you back. Redding Medical Center is experienced in the progressive medicinal field of stem cell therapy and wants you to score the game-winning touchdown. Every. Single. Time. 

Among Americans, shoulder pain is the third most common musculoskeletal disorder, only after neck and back pain. It’s time to stop discomfort and start regaining your body’s full potential once again. 

A majority of athletes find themselves in constant discomfort due to their sore rotator cuff and partial tendon tears that arise from repetitive movements. Not to worry, our shoulder pain treatment center in Anderson, California can provide you with safe and efficient treatment that relieves pain symptoms and helps you regain your movement.


How does stem cell therapy work for rotator cuff and shoulder injuries?

Stem cells exist in high concentrations in the bone marrow and fatty tissues, which can be extracted and concentrated to be reinjected into the shoulder area to minimize discomfort. Your stem cells will be infused with platelet-rich plasma that is responsible for activating the stem cells to produce healing factors and to send out anti-inflammatory signals. Stem cell therapy has the ability to regenerate healthy cells in place of the damaged ones to diminish the frequency and severity of your shoulder pain.

Accurate diagnosis of your shoulder and rotator cuff injury is a priority to correctly determining the appropriate stem cell treatment for your body’s success. We recommend that you obtain an MRI before your consultation for the most accurate consultation.


How can stem cell therapy work for athletes?

A large number of athletes that have had rotator cuff tears, shoulder injuries, or sprains in the area choose to get stem cell treatments due to their minimal recovery time. The repetitive motion of the shoulder can put many athletes on the bench, but stem cell therapy can alleviate discomfort and pain-symptoms without having to take a year off for recovery. 

Since there is no postoperative physical therapy that must be administered, many football, baseball, and golf professionals have been able to resume their activities and increase their performance. Without an extended period of recovery, athletes don’t have to regain their journey to achieving their goals; stem cell therapy can help them start exactly where they left off.


How long does it take for stem cell therapy to begin working?

The majority of stem cell therapy recipients with rotator cuff injuries have reported reduced discomfort within a month of treatment. Depending on the condition of your injury, the severity of your symptoms, and your health history, healing processes can take a while longer.

For an accurate assessment, please speak to one of our experts who can provide you with appropriate timelines. 


How much does stem cell therapy cost for shoulder injuries?

Many patients have turned to stem cell therapy treatment as a safer and more efficient alternative than shoulder injury and complicated prescription, as there is a faster recovery time. Depending on the severity of your shoulder and rotator cuff injury, individual treatments will vary. A majority of insurance companies will not cover stem cell treatments. However, our affordable financing plans allow you to get access to our cutting-edge treatments without adding financial stress.

Your journey to a pain-free lifestyle starts with us! Our licensed medical professionals can guide you through treatment procedures, financing plans, and your best course for full-body recovery.


How long is the recovery for stem cell therapy?

You want to get back to your sport as fast as possible, knowing that your injuries have been properly taken care of. While there is no exact time for recovery after your stem cell treatment, most patients have reported that they are back to their normal daily activities 3 days after their procedures.

Due to its regenerative abilities, stem cell therapy treatment takes approximately 3 hours to complete, with no need for a general anesthetic to numb the area. Shoulder and rotator cuff injuries require a much longer recovery period, anywhere from four months to a year, while prescription medications can continually cost you a large amount. 

Stem cell therapy treatments can give you a brighter future to help you get back to your active lifestyle while helping your body heal itself with minimal side effects.


Get Back to the Game You Love with Stem Cell Treatment Center in Sacramento, California

Stem cell therapy is a revolutionary approach to helping athletes, like yourself, get back to enjoying an active lifestyle pain-free. When you contact us, we provide you with a consultation to correctly diagnose your rotator cuff injuries and provide you with a stem cell treatment plan that is safe and effective. 

Speak with us today, and begin your journey to achieving your fitness goals.

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