The medical field is changing rapidly.  Scientific discoveries are allowing us to treat old problems in new, safe, effective ways.  Many futurists believe that human life may be able to be extended routinely into the 120 year range, while preserving quality of life reasonably.

Research into the use of stem cells in medicine has been occurring for a few decades, and the advancements have been significant. Adult autologous stem cells (stem cells taken from a patient to be delivered back to that same patient) have become standard treatment for certain patients suffering from potentially lethal bone marrow cancers. In these patients, it is a completely life saving treatment.

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Finding stem cells in humans is fairly simple. We are loaded with them. They reside in our blood, our bone marrow, our brain tissue, and especially in our fatty tissue. Harvesting stem cells from fat requires a relatively simple liposuction, and we can often procure over 20 million stem cells.

These cells can then be returned to the patient intravenously and in a concentrated dosage directly into an affected body part. The regenerative power of these multi-potent cells (cells that can transform into many different tissue types like cartilage, muscle, bone, etc.) are still under investigation, but early evidence suggests significant hope for certain conditions.

Please see our links below to some of the recent scientific research surrounding this cutting protocol.