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How to Mend a Broken Heart with Stem Cell Therapy | Cardiac Stem Cell Therapy in Anderson, California

The potential of stem cell therapy in regards to healing damaged heart tissues is very promising. Our team of experts has a combined 90 years in the stem cell therapy field, and every day we get closer to mending broken hearts across the United States.

The heart has limited ability to regenerate, resulting in lost muscle to be replaced by scar tissues. This leaves the patient with a minimal cardiac function where the heart cannot keep up with the body’s blood flow demand. Redding Medical Center wants to enable those who have suffered from heart failure to restore the heart’s function instead of managing minimal heart function symptoms.

Recent innovations in regenerative medicine have allowed those patients that have suffered from heart failure to get back their confidence and lead a healthier lifestyle. 


How Do Stem Cells Repair Tissue Damage from Heart Attacks?

While the regenerative medicine field is relatively young, the importance of improving patients’ lives has always remained the same. While heart diseases and conditions are prevalent amongst the American population, the team of experts at our cardiac stem cell therapy in Anderson, CA, is dedicated to the field of healing.

Stem cell therapy focuses on three specific heart cell types that are used to reverse the effects of damaged heart tissue:

  1. Cardiomyocytes, the muscle that lines up your heart chambers and allows blood to enter and get pumped out of the heart.
  2. Cardiac Pacemaker Cells, responsible for sending and receiving the signals to keep your heart beating at a healthy rhythm.
  3. Endothelial Cells, responsible for delivering oxygen to the cardiomyocytes.

Repaired damaged cardiac tissue will vary from patient to patient, based on the conditions being treated, the method of cell delivery, and your health history.


How Does Stem Cell Therapy Improve Heart Functions?

Heart failure after an acute or severe heart attack is a direct result of unresponsive heart muscle cells. Regenerative medicine aims to ‘revascularize’ the damaged areas of the heart to increase its abilities. 

By transplanting various stem and progenitor cells, the possibility of healthy stem cells replacing the damaged ones is becoming more likely. Preliminary results have shown that stem cell therapy has a correlated improvement in cardiac function. Ongoing regenerative medicine research demonstrates that transplanting cells into patients who have suffered heart failures is relatively safe and viable.

It’s important to understand that stem cells cannot restore the damaged heart of the patient. Instead, stem cell therapy aims to increase aortal signals to improve the heart’s function without replacing the lost muscle.


How is an Acute Heart Attack Currently Treated?

The after-effects of acute heart attack are treated with most lifestyle changes; lowering of fat and sodium intake, reducing alcohol consumption, quitting smoking, and taking part in small but healthy activities. Where modern medicine can help you deal with congestive failure symptoms, stem cell therapy aims to repair the effects.

Other post-heart-attack treatments include the regular usage of blood thinners to prevent new blood clots from forming. Additionally, your doctor will prescribe medicine to lower your cholesterol and keep your blood pressure at a healthy level.

More severe heart failures require surgery to replace the heart valves, and pacemakers are implanted to control heart rhythms.


How Stem Cell Therapy Can Help You Heal Your Heart

Stem cells are your body’s own superheroes. When the body is injured, your stem cells can boost to the scene of the accident. Some come from bone marrow, and others come from autologous compartments, usually found in fatty tissues, to assist in rapid healing of the targeted area.

The diseased heart’s response to the stem cell treatment showed the growth of new blood vessels and new linings in the heart tissue. While regenerative medicine is relatively young, Redding Medical Center is dedicated to producing a positive outcome for those affected by heart disease and acute heart attacks.


We Have the Heart and Drive to Help You Lead a Longer Life | Cardiac Stem Cell Therapy in Anderson, CA

If you have suffered from heart failure and wondering about treatment options, please speak to one of our experts to set up a consultation. We strive for the same outcome – to improve damaged heart tissue and help you lead a healthy and active lifestyle that is pain-free.

Contact us today and experience the benefits of progressive regenerative medicine.

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