autoimmune stem cell therapy

How stem cell treatments are enhancing the body’s autoimmune powers 

Why does our immune system attack its own vital cells, tissues, and organs? This question must be explored comprehensively to treat a number of autoimmune conditions including rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, and multiple sclerosis.

Redding Medical Center strives to combat the effects of autoimmune diseases with progressive stem cell therapy treatments. Our autoimmune stem cell therapy center aims to reset the immune system of patients who are living with the effects of their conditions. Some exciting and innovative results in the stem cell therapy field have been reported in the last decade that has contributed to the improvement of those living with a compromised autoimmune system. We will discuss how stem cell therapy treatments can actively enhance body functions and help you lead an active lifestyle.


How does stem cell therapy improve the symptoms of an autoimmune condition?

There are currently 400,000 Americans living with an autoimmune condition, with over 2.5 million individuals worldwide. The road to recovery is a highly promising one, as utilizing and harvesting an individual’s own stem cells can help them fight internal infections.

Stem cells have been extensively researched for their beneficial effects on several autoimmune conditions due to their ability to quickly regenerate and repair damaged tissues. Consequently, the cells will be less likely to attack the body and result in a healthier cohesive unit.

The treatments are used to address the body’s problem right at the source, with the scope of accelerating the body’s own functions. Studies have shown that those patients that have partaken in stem cell therapy not only experienced fewer symptoms but have also remained free from their autoimmune condition years after their last treatment. 


How Mesenchymal stem cells have regenerative powers

Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC’s) have the ability to have anti-inflammatory properties that can diffuse the inflammation in a concentrated area. MSC’s have been extensively researched and utilized to treat several conditions, and have resulted in repairing the damaged tissues and accelerating healing.

Currently, there is no cure for autoimmune conditions, and stem cell therapy holds a highly promising medical future regarding effective pain relief for individuals. We are pleased to be able to utilize our over 90 years of combined experience and expertise in treating patients to help forge progress in this exciting type of medicine, and we are dedicated to safely delivering stem cell therapy to our patients. 


What are the most common autoimmune conditions?

If you are diagnosed with an autoimmune condition, you may be experiencing an inflammatory and immune reaction to cells that are trying to help your body regain its function. Your body attacks proteins found on harmless substances such as blood cells, neurons, and pancreatic cells.

Current medical approaches focus on long-term medical management that includes chemotherapeutic drugs, corticosteroids, and immunomodulators. In some cases, surgical procedures must be implemented.     

According to the Autoimmune Registry, the top most common autoimmune conditions include:

  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Celia disease
  • Vitiligo
  • Lupus
  • Rheumatic fever
  • Alopecia areata
  • Graves’ disease
  • Type 1 diabetes


Stem cell therapy and diabetes

There has been ongoing hope for stem cell treatment for diabetes. In the last decade, new comprehensive research has prevailed in the field of treating type 1 diabetes. A majority of patients have reported that their daily insulin injections were kept to a minimum, while symptoms were reduced. 


Living with an autoimmune condition? Time to consider your options with stem cell therapy treatment!

Prolonged life expectancy in the 21st Century has been made possible by progressive medical research. Stem cells have become a promising resource for autoimmune and degenerative diseases that attack the body’s immune systems. If you are currently experiencing negative symptoms that arise from your autoimmune condition, it’s time to consider stem cell therapy as a lucrative medical option.

The first step to treating your autoimmune condition starts here. Set up a consultation with one of our qualified medical experts and begin exploring your options for recovery.

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