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How Regenerative Medicine Can Help Your Current Hamstring Tendinopathy and Injuries | Trusted Orthopedic Stem Cell Therapy in Sacramento, California

We understand the regenerative field is still relatively young, but we take that responsibility very seriously. Our team of experts at Redding Medical Center is dedicated to ongoing research so that the area of stem cell therapy can be experienced by all Americans. 

We specialize in orthopedic stem cell therapy in Sacramento, California that enables those suffering from hamstring tendinopathy and injuries to regain their active lifestyles. Let’s take a look at some of the causes for hamstring discomfort and how our effective stem cell treatments can successfully alleviate discomfort using your body’s healing mechanisms.

What are some symptoms that arise from hamstring tendinopathy?

Symptoms will vary depending on individual conditions, however, the most common symptoms that have been reported have been:

  • Acute pain in the thigh area
  • Discomfort when kneeling or stretching
  • Tenderness in the knee and thigh
  • Inflammation at the back of the thighs
  • Unable to walk for an extended period 
  • General soreness in the thigh and leg area

What are some of the causes of hamstring tendinopathy and injury?

Hamstring injuries have the highest rate of recurrence amongst any other gait-related injury. 

A hamstring strain can be a pull, partial tear or a complete tear. Hamstring muscle injuries – often called ‘pulled hamstring – commonly occur in athletes that participate in activities that require sprinting including track and field, football and basketball. Hamstring injuries occur when one or more muscles at the back of the thigh get strained and hinders full physical movement. Other causes of hamstring injuries include:

  • Muscle overload of the hamstring
  • Lunging, sprinting or jumping
  • Overstretching

What are the three levels of hamstring tendinopathy?

There are three levels of hamstring strains that you might experience. You must identify your level before booking a stem cell consultation to experience the best results.

Level 1 – Mild hamstring strains which result in sharp pains at the back of the thigh. While momentarily painful, level 1 strains do not affect the strength of your overall muscle and typically need to be iced carefully for numerous days before getting back to full activities.

Level 2 – Partial hamstring tears are more tender and sore than level 1 injuries. They commonly involve bruising and swelling at the back of the thigh and require increased recovery time. Additionally, the strength of the hamstring might be compromised for a short period.

Level 3 – Hamstring injuries of this nature are very bruised, sore and tender and need medical attention for recovery. There may be a ‘popping’ sensation at the time of the injury, and it will be more likely than not that you may not be able to walk on the affected leg.

Level 1 and 2 hamstring injuries typically heal with extended rest and icing the area. However, when the injury seems intolerable and affects daily activities, it’s time to take action. Some level 3 injuries are cured with surgeries, however, surgeries do not get performed immediately. Additionally, a surgery hamstring recovery will take upward of 6 months for the patient to recuperate.

How do stem cell treatments work for my hamstring tendinopathy and injuries?

Stem cell treatment therapies allow you to get back to your fitness and daily activities within two weeks of treatment. Through prompt and efficient procedures, you are enabling your own body’s healing mechanisms to work to your benefit.

Using a sample of your own body’s cells, our experts can re-introduce those rich enzymes into your body to accelerate cell regeneration in your hamstring. The concentrated solution is injected into the affected area and begins working quickly to help you regain your hamstring strength and reduce your discomfort. 

What is the expected recovery time for stem cell treatments?

Stem cell therapy accelerates tissue regeneration and triggers the healing process. While hamstring tendinopathy requires several months for full recovery, stem cell therapy treatments have been proven to boost recovery rates to two weeks. There is no more need for expensive prescriptions and lengthy recovery times.

Depending on individual circumstances, some patients require multiple treatments to see full-functioning results. Our esteemed team of licensed physicians can further advise you on the most accurate timelines for your recovery and offer your guidance before, during and after your treatments. 

Your hamstring injuries can be cured without the extended recovery time! Visit Redding Medical Center today!

Your hamstring injuries shouldn’t have a ‘pull’ on your lifestyle any longer! It’s time to take action and regain your wellness effectively!

Get in touch with us today and book your consultation!

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